What is it for?

The European Community Service seeks to provide all young European citizens with the opportunity to live in another region of Europe during or after the completion of their secondary education. Below we will convince you why that is such a great idea. Do you want to have some academic proof of the problems which we describe? Here you go.

Getting to know the world!

The ECS will be the first step to allow all young people to explore different parts of the world – not only by travelling, but by living there! The ECS allows for everyone to build deeper relationships to persons in other areas of Europe and contributes to the development of a common European identity. Uniting Europe by uniting people!

Learning about society in practice

Young people get to learn different aspects of society during their community service. This society has dynamics and problems which are not taught in school. Do people feel prepared for life after their school education? Spoken from our personal perspectives: We doubt it.

Learning to live independently

One can learn to live independently in a safe environment, where one does not have to worry about the monthly income or the money for the rent. Nearly one third of Europe’s 18-24 year olds are in risk of poverty or social exclusion. The ECS will help them in settling in their independent lives without bearing this risk for a time.

Reflection and self-development

Young people need to find themselves and develop an understanding of their own goals, aspirations and motivations in life. The academic education provided by schools is insufficient; the community service will help in the personal development of the young people.


Equal opportunity

Going abroad will no longer be a privilege entitled only to the ones who can afford to do so. The experience of living in another cultural context is open to everybody.

Stronger cohesion in society

Performing a community service provides different perspectives of society. Attaining them is crucial for mutual understanding and a peaceful, cohesive society. This will bring people together through showing them others views on the world.

Real European experience

Contrary to going somewhere for vacation only, the long-term stay abroad provides the opportunity to truly dive in the local society and acquire language & customs. Simply travelling through Europe or in another country does not allow for a profound understanding – such a community service does.

Less pressure

Schools, universities, parents, businesses – many actors of society exert increasingly enormous pressure on young people. Providing young people with a timeframe within which they can escape this pressure for a while is beneficial for wholesome personal development.