How long a ECS should take? We propose 4 months – 1 year. The exact duration would of course be set by the hosts of the individual ECS projects.
We believe that a minimum duration of four months allows young people to acquire new skills and to efficiently adapt and contribute to the environment they’re placed in. Simultaneously, after one year a person should have enough insight to decide whether to follow the activity after their community service or opt for a different path in their life.

Supervision & assistance

Although the ECS aims for self-realisation and self-development of the young people, the civilian servants must not experience their ECS completely alone and without any assistance. Project coordinators supervising, advising, supporting and helping the people executing the ECS must be present in all regions. In addition, young people must not be isolated in their placements but in continuous exchange with others close by.


Everyone must be provided with a proper accommodation for free.

Language course

Unless one is a native speaker of the language in which the ECS is executed, one shall attend language courses in order to increase understanding with the local community.

Pocket money

One must receive a sufficient pocket money covering the expenses during the ECS.